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Twenty Questions about 2012
20 Questions on 2012


  1. Why is everyone talking about the year 2012?
  2. Is 2012 going to be the "End of The World?"
  3. What is the "2012" disaster movie based in?
  4. What is supposed to happen in 2012?
  5. Is 2012 associated with any rare astronomical events or alignments?
  6. Is 2012 just the next Y2K?
  7. Where does December, 21 2012 date originally come from?
  8. What are the living Maya saying about 2012?
  9. Is there evidence of the 2012 date on ancient Mayan monuments?
  10. How did the modern world first find out about the 2012 prophecy?
  11. It is possible the Ancient Maya forsaw this time of Biospheric Crisis?
  12. It is possible the Ancient Maya's prophecy highlights our modern crisis in consciousness and the process of our collective awakening?
  13. What is the connection between calendars and consciousness?
  14. How does the Ancient Mayan Calendar Cycle reflect the larger picture of this planetary transformation process we are in right now?
  15. How can we return to living in natural time?
  16. Does 2012 mark a new era of telepathic unification for humanity?
  17. What are some universal themes of this Living Prophecy?
  18. How can we contemplate 2012 as a collective dreaming process?
  19. How can we prepare for 2012?
  20. 2012 - What's the bottom line?
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