The New Age
  Die höchste Kraft
  Missverständnisse über 2012 und die Mayaprophezeiung
  Die Mayas
  Hopi Prophezeiung Die Neun Zeichen
  Drunvalo Melchizedek - The Birth of a New Humanity
  A'shayana Deane
  David Icke
  Inspirierende Texte von Eckhart Tolle
  Der Aufstieg
  Phase 3 (the Wake Up Project)
  Lisa Renee on Multidimensionality and Ascension (video)
  Heilige Geometrie - Blume des Lebens
  Unified Field Theory, Nassim Haramein
  The Stargate of Aramu Muru (video)
  The Pyramid Code
  Alex Collier - The Andromedans and Mentoring Humanity (video)
  Starchild Skull DNA results 2010 (video)
  Hollow Earth Theorie
  Die Galaktische Föderation
  => New Contact (Disclosure ist ein Schlüsselmoment für eine neue Phase in unserer Evolution)
  => First Contact
  => Außerirdische Arten
  => Some of the civilizations who visit the Earth
  => Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians
  Ashtar Sheran (Ashtar Command)
  Codex Alimentarius
  The Truth about Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D (video)
  Nahtoderfahrungen (Video)
  The Misconceptions of 'Junk DNA'
  Top Videos und Dokus
Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians
Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians 


We are presenting material which we feel can help you evolve your consciousness and expand your concept of existence and to realize that things are not the way they seem. You are all enslaved in a prison which you cannot see, or smell or taste and therefore you cannot rebel and attempt to break free because you do not even realize that you are in a prison. The psychological manipulation of consciousness is what humanity is currently facing where you are consciously manipulated to not perceive reality for what it really is, multi-dimensional.
All these videos will help you in some way in your journey in life to finding YOUR TRUTH and not the truth that is told to you by your government, media, parents or any authority figure you give your power and intellect over to. It is time for the humans on this planet to wake up and to take back their power. That is the plan. There is a massive awakening that is occurring and it cannot be stopped. For those who are aware and have been shed with light to what is currently occurring, you must shed that light onto others. Not to say that you have to preach it, however take what you know and LIVE BY IT and BE IT and transduce it onto others so you may show others how to LIVE IN LIGHT. It is indeed a fabulous time to be alive.
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