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Ascension, Galactic Help and Parallel Realities
Ascension, Galactic Help and Parallel Realities
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For most of the awakened ones, your new Operating System is now in the process of integrating into every level of your consciousness and mind.

Regrettably, at the time of integration you are extremely vulnerable to the fear viruses, as your “firewall” is diminished to complete the process of changing operating systems.

Fortunately, most of you have learned that your human mind is the hardware for your biological computer brain. Therefore, just as you can “delete” a corrupted message on your computer, you can delete a corrupted message in your mind. Then, once you have deleted this fear-based programming in your mind, you will delete the resulting behaviors in your life.

The advantage of your Multidimensional Operating System, even if it is not fully integrated, is that it can read Light Language. Therefore, it doesn’t have to translate your cosmic messages, except to share them with others. You will receive the Light Language message into your consciousness and suddenly Know the meaning. Whenever you can consciously receive the Knowing of the Light Language, your consciousness expands into Galactic or even Cosmic Consciousness.

This expanded consciousness can easily identify any message that has been corrupted by residual fear-based thinking in your mind. You can also “read the code” of the damaged message to find the exact site of the virus. You know that the comic message is beyond corruption, as it comes form the ONE. Therefore, the virus of fear is somewhere in your mind, and you are faced with the task of finding and removing that virus.

You can change every degraded message, which is an arduous task or you can take out all the viruses. It is quite simple to perceive that virus even from your third dimensional consciousness for all viruses are based on fear, even fear-based love. Fear-based love is the conditional love of the third dimension. Examples of this love are: “I will love you if you...” or  “I will stop loving you if you...” Our earth bound ones are quite familiar with the feel/frequency of conditional love. Hence, you can easily delete that translation of the message and “read” it at a higher frequency, the frequency of unconditional love.

In other words, you can directly read Light Language off of the feel/frequency of unconditional love. We said feel/frequency because the manner in which you can discern the frequency of a cosmic message is by how it feels. Specifically, you can determine the frequency of your inner messages by how they feel when they move through the Three Fold Flame of your High Heart. Because of this fact, your High Heart is the translating center for all inter-dimensional messages from your Multidimensional SELF.

The Three Fold Flame

The Three Fold Flame within the ATMA of your High Heart, has the Wisdom Flame to instantly discern if fear and fear’s translator, ego, have corrupted a cosmic message. Your High Heart also has the Power Flame to give you the inner power to delete all fear-based messages. The Flame of Unconditional Love identifies the causes of the fear virus and can heal and release that cause of fear. Unfortunately, since the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis the frequency of Earth has been on a steady frequency free-fall. Because you were often surrounded by constant and intense fear, your body went into adrenaline-filled survival mode, which closed your High Heart. Without the filtering mechanism of your High Heart, you accepted many corrupted messages. Therefore, we ask you now to take a moment to fully open your High Heart, which is the source of your multidimensional discernment.

Now that your High Heart is open again, its force of Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love can assist you on your journey into the sixth dimension Cosmic Mind. The Cosmic Mind is also Cosmic Light, Cosmic Consciousness and the Divine Blueprint for life on third dimensional Earth. Once in this sixth dimensional Blueprint, we will find, heal and delete the cause of the fear-virus that was created over 12,000 years ago. In this manner, your planetary history can be re-written.

However, you will not forget the lessons you learned from your many incarnations on Gaia in the past 12,000 years. These lessons will remain within your Wisdom Flame to remind you of the inner wisdom you have gained and in the Power Flame to remind you of you power within. Your Flame of Unconditional Love will constantly monitor your Wisdom and Power Flames to assure that they shine brightly to lead you on your Path. The Flame of Unconditional Love will be your tool of discernment and the means by which you will release the pain of the past and the fears for the future. In that manner, you can forever live in the NOW.

This process of healing your past to heal you present is a common tool used by mental healers. Once you are free of old mental programming and have healed the emotional scar tissue buried in your personal Akashic Records, you can write new ones. These new Records can be based on the great courage, wisdom and power that it took you to enter the dark archives of old programs and fear-filled experiences. Once the “foundation” of your “building” is repaired, you can “remodel” your home based on a blueprint of unconditional love and multidimensional light.

You receive messages from the higher dimensions via your expanded consciousness, which relays those messages onto you mind so that your earth vessel can register them. Now that you have downloaded and integrated your Multidimensional Operating System, you will be able to remain more conscious of the inter-dimensional communications that you have been experiencing since you were a small child. As children, your “imagination” was allowable, but you felt you needed to “grow up,” which made your innate ability move into the realms of your subconscious.

As a child you might have had “imaginary friends.” Many of these friends were actually your higher expressions of SELF. Since your child mind found no explanation for these “friends” in your physical world, you created an envelope of form, such as an animal or another child. This imaginary friendwas perceivable to you through your imagination, which is actually fifth dimensional thought. Thoughts are a combination of consciousness and mind. If your consciousness is restricted to the third dimensional reality, you have little access to your imagination.

As children, you had not yet learned to limit yourself to the third dimension. Thus you could easily cross the imagination bridge, which connects the lower third/fourth dimension to the higher dimensional realities. Consequently, as a child you still remembered your fifth dimensional “friends,” and even communicate or “play” with them. You had also learned that your activity needed to be approved of by your parents, who had forgotten their higher connections. Therefore, you created afriend that was acceptable to your parents.

Since imagination is the mental activity that connects you to your innate multidimensional consciousness, it also connects you to your Multidimensional Operating System. Within this operating system, you are increasingly conscious of parallel realities that resonate beyond the physical world. It is to one of these higher dimensional parallel realities to which you will return. It is helpful to know that the reason why there are so many stories of your past and your possible future is because there are myriad parallel realities. Therefore, many of these versions of reality are indeed correct, but they exist within different parallel realities.

The 3D Game

Just as you project your consciousness into a video game, your Multidimensional SELF projected its consciousness into this third dimensional version of reality in order to experience the many challenges of a polarized reality. However, the very conflict that was once energizing, while you were still connected to your SELF and knew that you were playing a “game,” caused many of you to forget your true SELF. At that point you became trapped on the wheel of birth and re-birth on physical Earth. With your awakening and the activation of your Multidimensional Mind you are becoming increasingly aware of the many choices of reality that are available to you.

You Know that you are a vast, Multidimensional Being of great power and discernment, and you remember that this reality is not real. It is a “game” into which YOU projected yourself. Unfortunately, due to humanities fallen states of consciousness great damage has been done to you and to Gaia. Fortunately, ALL of you have the innate ability to heal that which you have wounded—in this reality or in one of your parallel realities. With the re-connection to your Soul/SELF, you have the ability to create that healing. It is this healing that is our next adventure in the Arcturian Corridor.

You, also, have the innate ability to shift realities via expanding your consciousness to calibrate your mind to perceive the higher dimensional expressions of reality that flow around you like lights in a Cosmic Sea. This power of choice has always been within you, but the earth vessel that was once a portal to a polarized experience gradually became a prison for your consciousness. Before the decline of Lemuria and Atlantis, you could maintain a connection to your Multidimensional SELF until you were ready to log-out of the Earth experience. We say, “maintain a connection” because you did not lose your simultaneous connection to your Multidimensional SELF. You could visit any other versions of reality that you wished by the mere power of your mind.

It was on Atlantis that these powers began to diminish because the Atlantians became attached to their machines. At first, the machines for inter-dimensional communication were like toys. Then, over time, the Atlantians became so dependent on their machines that they forgot that they could do everything with their minds. They forgot that their bodies were a temporary projection of their consciousness into the model of polarized reality.

Then, instead of remembering that they could return Home (log-out) whenever they wished, they began to “die.” At first, they only died after hundreds or even thousands of years, but eventually, they began to “die” at younger and younger ages. Their solution, rather than turning to their Soul for answers, was to turn to their machines. Unfortunately, instead of using the divine flow of unconditional love that is the healing force of the Universe, they used their Regeneration Machines that pulled energy from the Earth.

The Turning Point

This choice was a vital turning point in their civilization, as they became so identified with their material creations that they forgot their true multidimensional creative powers. The times of selfish intentions began and Unity Consciousness was lost in comparison, competition and wars. What if you were to go back to the days of purity and love of Lemuria and Atlantis to recapture your initial intention for this cycle of Gaia’s timeline? You could then align with the version in which ascension is a peaceful and loving experience.

There are some of Earth’s residents who still need the model of conflict and control in order to learn. They will create an ascension filled with conflict and drama, much like a Hollywood move. Some will win in that reality, and some will lose. On the other hand, there are many of the Galactic Family’s grounded ones who no longer need challenge and conflict to learn. They have already remembered, downloaded and integrated their true, Multidimensional SELF into their consciousness. They KNOW that they are already a resident of the ONE. It is these members of Earth that are ready to create a peaceful and loving ascension for themselves and for their planet Earth.

These grounded ones look around at all the conflict and fear and KNOW that it is no longer necessary for them. They are learning this fact through communicating with the higher dimensional expressions of their SELF. The heart and Soul of Gaia is also learning this through communicating with Her higher expression of SELF. Gaia is tired of the endless warring and decent on Her body and is ready for a peaceful and loving return to Her fifth dimensional expression. Hence, She has called in all her helpers from all Her higher dimensional parallel realities to create a joyous return HOME filled with multidimensional light and unconditional love.

YOU, in all your dimensional expressions, are the ones whom Gaia has called. We—that is the Arcturians, you and your higher expressions—will create this Homecoming by connecting with the parallel reality of Earth in which Lemuria and Atlantis lovingly and peacefully created the conclusion of their cycle. Your cycle is also coming to a conclusion. Unfortunately, in your parallel reality your ancestors concluded their cycle with war and destruction, which created a deep fear within you that you might do the same.

Auspiciously, you are a multidimensional being and can exist in many parallel realities. Hence, you have also experienced a loving and peaceful transition. We will revisit that reality so that you can re-write the past of your past to change your future. In order to understand the big picture, you will need to activate the power of your imagination and your Multidimensional Operating System while we “tell you a story.”

We remind you that there are two kinds of parallel realities. There are parallel realities that exist on a vertical level, in that they exist across many differing frequencies and dimensions of that version of reality. An example of this is the parallel realities that run vertical, across many dimensions, from your third dimensional earth vessel to your fifth dimensional Lightbody and beyond. There are also parallel realities that exist on a horizontal within the same dimension. An example of this is the violent fall of Lemuria and Atlantis and the peaceful conclusion of the cycle of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Both vertical and horizontal parallel realities afford your magnificent Cosmic Consciousness the ability to engage in myriad versions of the same experience within the same NOW of the ONE. In this way, you can simultaneously try out several “experiences of third dimensional polarity.” From within the NOW of the ONE your Multidimensional SELF viewed the two realities in which (1) Lemuria and Atlantis peacefully and lovingly concluded their cycle and (2) the reality in which Lemuria and Atlantis concluded their cycle in fear and destruction.

What you discovered was that in the version in which Lemuria and Atlantis peacefully concluded their cycle, the players did not gain enough strength, might, potency and tenacity to successfully assist Gaia in Her ascension. In your current version of reality in which the Lemurian/Atlantian cycle ended in fear and destruction, some of the players became deeply lost in darkness. On the other hand, other players became wise, powerful and courageous enough to awaken in spite of great difficulties.

These players are definitely strong enough to assist Gaia in Her planetary ascension. Even better, these awakened players even regained enough Wisdom, Power and Love to want to stop creating war and start creating peace. Upon your multidimensional analysis of these parallel realities, you/we (grounded ones and Galactics) realized that by joining the two versions of reality, you could maintain the attributes of both realities within the NOW of ascension. Do you see how mighty you are?

Blending Realities

In your current version of reality, you repeatedly incarnated on a fearful, warring reality in order to gain the strength to ascend a planet. We, the loving members of your Galactic Family, commend you for your immense courage. We want you to know that we are helping you and Gaia more and more each day. Your version of Earth is based on extreme free will, which has limited our intervention. However, when you, the grounded ones, use your free will to ask for our assistance we can answer your call. We joyfully answer your call for WE are YOU in a higher dimensional parallel reality.

You (those who receive and read this message) are awakened enough to leave the game of opposition between light/love and dark/fear and create a reality in which Gaia can peacefully return Home to the fifth dimension. This creation will appear to be a mental exercise. However, the third dimension is an illusion, whereas your Multidimensional Mind is real. Therefore, mental exercises are real. The greater portion of your light, your mind/consciousness, and your unconditional love already resonates to the fifth dimension. Hence, there is no danger, as you are beyond the concept of death. You have connected with your Multidimensional SELF and are in the process of “stepping into” the fifth dimensional expression of your SELF with whom you have made your birth agreement. The stage is set.

We understand that the concepts we are presenting will need to be explored with your Multidimensional Mind or even your imagination. However, if you have come to believe that you are the creator of your reality and you are a peaceful and loving being, why would you want to create ascension with a cliffhanger ending? Those dramas are for those who are still “on the fence” regarding their Multidimensional SELF. These grounded ones need to unconsciously create (“unconsciously” for they have not yet remembered their creative powers) a reality in which they “barely make it through” in the last second.

Because you have downloaded and integrated your Multidimensional Operating system, you are able to view all possible realities of ascension and choose the one you wish to create and, simultaneously, experience. Within your Multidimensional Operating System, you can perceive both of these versions of Lemurian/Atlantian realities within the NOW. The process through which we are about to take you can be confusing for your third dimensional mind, but it will be natural for the multidimensional mind of your Lightbody.

Your Lightbody is a higher frequency expression of your current third/fourth dimensional earth vessel. Thus, the reality in which you express your SELF as Lightbody is a vertical parallel reality to the reality in which you express your SELF as a grounded earth vessel. Opportunely, since your Lightbody resonates to the frequency of the Divine Blueprint, when you “become Lightbody” in your consciousness, YOU merge with the Divine Blueprint, as well.

When you initially experience this merging of the parallel realities of Lightbody and earth vessel you may think of your self as being physical with a higher dimensional Lightbody. However, you will increasingly think of your self as being Lightbody with a lower dimensional earth vessel.


Further reading: The Akashic Records, Inner Earth and your Book of Life

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